Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Beta 5 Activator For Office & Windows

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Beta 5 Activator Free Download

Well, here we are with the latest and up to date version of the Microsoft toolkit which is 2.6. Sometimes even the easy installations of the Microsoft products can become handy for us. That is why to have the free edition of the Microsoft toolkit 2.6.Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Beta 5 Activator For Office & Windows

As we all know that the Microsoft products are very expensive that is why most of the time people go for the trial versions or some of the people go for encrypted cheap pirated versions. The trail version on the other hand only lasts for a month. You may use the pirated version but then you have to compromise on the quality.

The problem is once again solved by none other than the DAZ team to activate all the products of Microsoft including Windows and Office.

The Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 for Windows & Office is free for all the users and can be sued to License, Install and manage your Microsoft product. We assure you that Microsoft Toolkit will for sure make your office run much better than the pirated versions.

The activator is also named as EZ activator by its manufacturers and also called office 2010 toolkit. The upgraded version, however, includes Toolkit of Windows, Office toolkit, and the office uninstaller as well. It allows you to uninstall or activate all the Microsoft products with just a single click.

The functions of the software are all displayed in the information console in the software. This set off a tool will help you in managing the licensing of Windows, Activating Microsoft office, and Windows as well.All the functions of this tool are run in the background. No GUI which will further help you in preventing multiple functions at a time as they can harm you. AutoKNS Uninstaller if it is already installed, AutoRearn Uninstaller if installed already and Microsoft Office Setup Customization Functions, Uninstaller for office and also has product key checker which works even if the windows or office are not installed in it.

Requirements For MS Toolkit:

  • You need a .NET Framework 4.0 ( 3.5 will not work)
  • MS Office 2010 or later one as previous versions are not supported.
  • Windows Vista and all other latest versions of the Windows.

Unbeatable Features of Microsoft Toolkit:

  • It can run easily on both 32-bit version and 64-bit version.
  • You need to launch using .exe file.
  • Activate all the past and latest versions of office and Windows.
  • No limit for the activation once it is done this will work for a lifetime.
  • It applies the AutoKMS and EZ activator modules.
  • Also, support the five digit build number of KMS PID.
  • The wing diverts uninstalled is improved.
  • TAP drivers are also improved.
  • Activation can be done online and offline as well.
  • No modification in the core system files of the computer.
  • Never pressurizes the device as it is very light weight.
  • Very easy to use for all.
  • The whole activation process works in the background.
  • Nothing to be done manually it is all automatic.

Speed & competence:

Download the program right now as it will give you very high speed and output will be 100%. It will activate any Microsoft products in few moments. The moment you will run it on the OS the product key will be generated automatically.

The Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 beta 5 Activator can be used without any fear of damage as the software is safe for both hardware and software of the PCs. Free from any type of malware and virus you can think of.It will silently install all the modules.

Offline and Online:

No internet connection required for the activation of the Windows or office. The internet connection will give you better results if you can arrange it. The automatic module is selected by the program if there is the internet connection. In case there is no internet be sure to download the 2.5 version.

What’s New?

The free attempt to install Enterprise LTSB 2015 Keys on Enterprise LTSB 2016 are now fixed.

How to Use ?

You need to download the setup which is given as per the need of your operating system.

  • For Windows Activation :

  1. First Click on windows icon
  2. Click on the activation tab and then EZ activator.
  3. Now you need to wait for a while and then a success message will appear that’s It you are done.
  • For Office Activation :

  1. Again Click on windows icon.
  2. After that click on the activation tag and then EZ-Activator.
  3. Again you need to wait for a short while and then a message will appear which means you are done.

Asked Question:

  • How do I use Microsoft Toolkit?

  • First of all, you need to select the type of product you need to activate.
  • Go to the product key.
  • Select the product and then select its edition.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Go the activation tab and press activate.
  • You are doing Enjoy.

Video Tutorial:

Download it from its Official Site or from below:

Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 From the link below:

Download Link

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