Framer Studio 72 Mac OS X Free Download[Latest Version]

Framer Studio 72 Mac OS X (Windows+Mac)

Framer Studio 72 Mac OS X Free Download[Latest Version]

Framer Studio 72 For Mac is a user-friendly interface using the developer of prototypes and tools easy and powerful OS X that can create high-quality animations, interactive prototype.This is a new dimension of prototyping will help to animate and interact

Framer studio is beautiful enough to effectively become apparent when the program starts. The home version of the studio window frame left the panel, the code in the Preview pane at the top right of the window bar is included.Photoshop or After Effects project, the easiest way is to be animated, interactive prototype in which they interact.

Framer Studio 72 Mac OS X has many useful features to quickly build workflow from sampleStudios have developed a user-friendly interface as well as a framer fact, it becomes clear that if we consider that helps improve productivity through the rooms – small pieces of code that can be reused blocks.

In addition, the framers’ studio also has the attributes to quickly and easily add functionality to the process of making you detect a bug in the code, it has helped web checker, auto-fill feature for tracking and resolving variables.Framer is a new creative tool for building a prototype of the studio interaction and animation. It allows you to connect the behavior of pixels and find new ways of interaction design.


  • Move harmonious gradation level of animation at each end.
  • Click to define the movement of the drag, scroll or page components.
  • In response to a change in depth of the outer layer, it is typically the 3D.
  • Using the keyboard to enter the test recording and the actual user data.
  • Using the API data profile or username, and pull anything.
  • Adaptation prototype jet is realized adaptive to user interaction.
  • It gets a static prototype design.
  • View mirror using a pre-preview in the browser and any device.
  • We are in the full-screen mode, an object of the experiment.
  • Quickly share a test device from a user’s URL and without problems.

What’s new in Framer Studio V72?

Animation.finish () will go directly to the end-state level.

Improvements :

Support for embedded images, base64 () of Utils.isLocalAssetUrl.


  • By default, the option PageComponents animation.
  • The correct display name in the Layers panel is “0”.
  • stateCycle () will continue to use the version of the animated series.
  • Entertainment Government can listen to options.start properly.
  • The animation must be done to the property is modified.

As well as to accelerate the process that you add features, the Framer Studio Pro is to help you find easily create, track and fix bugs in the code has a web checker, auto-fill features, attributes, and variables.

Direct import from graphic design and Photoshop. What do we need to change? Just re-enter. When you are done, get feedback, you can share your work on a mobile device.

  • Move down a harmonized level of each animation.
  • Resistance regulator, scroll or page components gestures.
  • the response to changes in the external layer is generally 3D.
  • Use the test user and the actual data capture keyboard input.
  • Image or anything API to extract the name of the profile data.
  • Prototype adaptive adaptation jet to user interaction.
  • Import static design to prototype.

View browsers and devices using a mirror.Preview,

  • Now the screen through targeted experiences.
  • Share the URL part of your test quickly without problems.

All Framer Design:

You might have a chance to fully design something new. Framer Studio  72 Pro is a design tool that uses the code to perform all possible tasks. Pioneer new models and strategies. Finding the best solution, just what he had expected.

Why Write Code?

Education can explore creative iteration, as well as all the senses. The code is not an engineer. When you try it, we are one of the most powerful tools that the code can have a designer, I think you will agree.

Design for all of the Devices:

IPhone OS, Android, Mac OS, designed for Windows and the Web. The number of activation applies framers Studio 72 is required for each platform. Apple, Google, HTC, select the number of 18 or more colors from Microsoft and Samsung.

Set Your Creativity:

The framers Studio 72 transitions or animations much faster Mac OSX. It designed by actual data. Custom component and a physical interface. Approve the tests and all the creative ideas.

Requirements :

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
  • Support database load (server software): the MongoDB 3.0 
  • Storage: You can free space of up to 500MB 
  • Settings:NET 4.5.2 
  • IDE (Visual Studio plug-in only): Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015 Pro or higher. 

Video Tutorial:

Download it from its Official Site or below:

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